FS/FT: G5, Velocity, Dark Magic, Foxtail, etc.


Well, some of you may have noticed that I have been visiting less and less frequently, and that is because I yoyo now as less of a hobby, and more of a relaxing activity. So, I would like to offer up some throws. You can have them all if you give me something Mint that is:

Around 100 dollars

Has a body shape similar to the G5 (Genesis, C13, C22 :P)

Comes with a pretty good bearing

I don’t care if it is a B grade if it is for anno.

I would prefer nothing by yoyojam.

So, I have the following yoyos:



Dark Magic


3 imperials

2 fireballs.

Thanks. I still yoyo, just not so hardcore anymore.

Pics up soon, everything is in acceptable condition. The G5 Will come with a Centertrac.


send me pics for dark magic and i might offer


ill give you a nice modded fhz for the dm


dsixl for g5?


can i have pics for the g5 if i see it i will think about it thx

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