Throws are for sale or trade. Paypal is preferred but I’ll accept anything but don’t assume responsibility if money is shipped and lost. Really only want to sell the essence but I may take a trade if I think it’s good enough.

General Yo essence. 1/4 unengraved blue. Small marks near the bearing seat, otherwise it’s in perfect condition. Plays really smooth and grinds like some sort of machine that was built solely for grinding. nuts. $100

Best pic I could get of the marks ^^^
Also the threads on the axle are kinda tight, but they don’t effect anything, could use a new axle.

YYJ + ricerocket BOLTleg - white - small vibe - mostly a deal sweetner 15

Only looking for a few trades. Mainly want a Peak. but it’s gotta be a pretty one*
mutant dna. but again. gotta be pretty*
as well as some funky Japanese throws (turning point, yyr, etc)

Thank you for looking and happy trading :slight_smile:

*subject to opinion

need cash GO!