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Hey y’all I have some more throws for sale or trade. Preferably sale because my AirPods were STOLEN! PM me or drop reply for pictures, offers on price, or trade deals! OPEN TO NEGOTIATION AND ANY TRADE you thing is fair. Please add $5 for shipping and G&S fee. Thanks!

CLYW Gnarwhal 2 in Bubblegum Blizzard! (mint w/ box) = GONE
CLYW Yeti In Grey (near mint but stuck spacers) = GONE
CLYW Yeti 2 in Salmon (mint) =$20
OD Y-Factor In Brown/Black wash (couple dings) = $45
YYF Marco in Galaxy (couple flat spots) = $45
YYF Ex Machina in Clear (very near mint) = $55
YYF Boost in Pink w/ Black (couple flat spots) = $45
Basecamp Sherpa in brown (4 small dings) = $30
YYF Turntable 1 Raw! (Mint) = $55
YYF H.O.T Ann Connolly SE (mint) =$55
YYF Shutter in blue (couple dings) = $25
YYF B-grade 888 in blue SIGNED BY YO-HANS! (beat af) = $40
YYF Aviator II In Aqua (minty mint) = GONE
YYF Stacked Genesis in black (near mint) = $35
YYF TOO Hot in blue w/ black speckle (very near mint) = $35
YYF OG POPStar in grey (couple of dings) = $20
YoyoZeekio Flare In Yellow (mint) = Sweets!

LF: Outlier
LF: SFYoyos, CLYW, And OneDrop Trades!
Looking to Trade for Bimetals
Fs: YYF Bundle (price drop!)
LF: SF, OneDrop, CLYW and UNPRLD trades!
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How did your Airpods get stolen?

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I forget them in class when I left for lunch and someone in there (near the entire class) after me snagged um. I went back in like 10 minutes later and poof

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