Price Drop for Christmas!!!! Looking for:CLYW:ArcticCircle,Avalanche, Chief

Update: EVERY SINGLE YOYO IN MY COLLECTION HAS BEEN TRADED/SOLD, I have a new collection of throws, which some will be going into a new B/S/T. This B/S/T is now going into the archive!

I am looking for CLYW’s preferably Avalanche, Arctic Circle, Chief, Canvas

Prices now include priority shipping!

1. Anti-Yo Eetsit MIB- Offer Well! TRADED
2. CLYW Bassalope (small bearing) signed Mint- $120 (firm) SOLD!!
3. OneDrop Burnside Lake Eerie MIB - $80 (firm) Traded
4. OneDrop Burnside (has one small rim mark) - $75
5. ILYY Sakura Mint - $70
6. Loop 900 Pair (some scratches) - $27
7. Paul Han Bombsquad DNA with hubstacks (has “raw” marks, it is not raw, but silver(see pics)- $90
8. Skyline Starry Night edition (has a few rim marks, see pics)- $70
9. Code 1 (has scratches) - $70 TRADED
10. SPYY Ronin (lots of scratches, but still plays super smooth!) $55
11. YYF Supernova Reiki Edition (Japanese) unengraved (has a couple rim marks, but is in great shape). - $77

Close up pics can be found below

NYYR: Apple iPad 1, 16GB, WIFI Model, Great Battery Life! - $215 shipped
iPad 1 by g3nji, on Flickr
Untitled by g3nji, on Flickr
Untitled by g3nji, on Flickr
Untitled by g3nji, on Flickr

Please send offer for other throws, and I will send pictures of each specific throw; Serious Inquiries Only) I am looking for cash only, unless you have any CLYW’s that are mint for trade. Thanks
photo by g3nji, on Flickr
photo1 by g3nji, on Flickr
photo2 by g3nji, on Flickr
photo3 by g3nji, on Flickr
photo4 by g3nji, on Flickr



I’m adding an Apple iPad 1 to the thread under NYYR for $215 shipped, pictures up within an hour.


Bump! A side not, a re-vamp of my B/S/T will be going up today displaying each yoyo individually, rather than in pictures with other throws. Thanks


The Bassalope has been sold!

1 bump per day please, there was two on 16th :slight_smile:

Are the loop 900’s still available?

Yes they are :slight_smile:

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