FS/FT Bunch of throws

Hi, after couple of days work, I find some of my yoyo are not played very often. Some of them are just played couple of times and then left in case. I am in UK, price is in GPB and listed in the 2nd pic. I will cover the post within UK. For international post, I will cover it if you take 2 or more. Offers are welcomed and don’t be afraid to give offers. Please PM for more details and I always send you videos to help you check the yoyo.

Most are new or like new. I will show you the damage or vibe if there is when you PM.

Trade is welcomed as well. I am looking for some OD or clyw.

Full list: singularity, avant-garde, equilateral, boost, K.O, turntable 2, kapital, genesis OG, supernova, nightmare, aluminum dream, primo, American prototype, wide angle shutter with special engraving and design, shuta, California, jackKnife, expedition, civility, cypher, cyborg OG with special colorway made by TP’s founder, cyborg 2, dogma with special splash, proton, aviator 2, horizon, czm8, yyf 1UP (not official released), haymaker x with 90th anniversary, freehand Al, invaders must die, metal yeti, downbeat, Halifax, 888.11 offer, skyline OG, shutter 2014, shutter OG, shutter 2021, yyr blink prototype offer, positron

SOLD: cypher, cyborg 1, 2, dogma, proton, wide angle, turntable 2




Hey I have a bunch of throws I’m trying to trade I’ll trade 3-6 of them depending on the yo-yo you want to trade for them I’m trading so many because some are expensive and others aren’t as expensive

Sry man. If these are your whole things for trade, I am afraid I cannot. I have tried or owned most of it :slight_smile:

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Updated with lots new yo-yos. Bump