Crossstrings2 BST

Per forum rules only one active BST per member is allowed. I’ve merged the two you had going. Also per forum rules please add pics of all of the yo-yos you have for trade/sale.



Hey guys. Just thought I’d put out a collection to show you guys what I have for trade.

FT: (Maybe FS)
YYF Green Super G (near mint)
YYF Orange Super G (minor 3A marks)
YYF Black with Red splash Avant Garde (Mint)
YYF Silver Avant Garde (near mint)
YYF Blue with Brown acid wash 2012 Supernova (minor 3A marks)
YYF Silver with Red splash 2012 Supernova (near mint)
YYF EYYC Catalyst (mint)
YYF Green B Grade GM2 (near mint, one side is just a darker green than the other)
YYF Green G Funk (mint)
YYF JK (minor 3A marks)
(Ask for pictures and you shall recieve)

MOST WANT ------> “YYF Avant Garde 2” <------- MOST WANT
OneDrop Code 2
YYJ Phenom
CLYW Chief (A or B Grade. Preferably NON glossy anno)
YYF 2012 Genesis
CLYW Glacier Express
MOST WANT ------> “YYF Avant Garde 2” <------- MOST WANT
C3 H5
C3 H5xChief
CLYW Gnarwhal
CLYW Arctic Circle
MOST WANT ------> “YYF Avant Garde 2” <------- MOST WANT