FS/FT: BBYY, YYF, Shinwoo

Quick list of what I have for trade:
SOLDPair of 1st run prototype 3A Wedgies (will only sell or trade as a pair)SOLD
Production Run TT
Shinwoo Phantom

http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p110/yoyo_brad/th_IMG_0535.jpg http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p110/yoyo_brad/th_IMG_0536.jpg http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p110/yoyo_brad/th_IMG_0538.jpg http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p110/yoyo_brad/th_IMG_0537.jpg

In depth list of what I have for trade with prices:      CLICK THE PICTURE TO MAKE BIGGER * PRICES ARE NOT SET IN STONE*

SOLDPair of 1st run prototype 3A Wedgies- I am only selling these as a pair, they have many marks all over the outside of the yoyo from hitting each other. The outside is bead blasted, and I may be able to have my dad put a fresh blast on them if you would like. Very minimal vibe on these. Great yoyos for beginner 3A players. $65 shipped for the pairSOLD

Production Run TT- I traded halves with my 2 TTs and made this so that it has 1 splash half and 1 blue half. No I will not trade back so you can get the one you want. I did this so that I can still have a blue half while keeping my half of the splashed that has a heart in the ano. This thing has 1 extremely small pinprick on the blue half. $75 Shipped

SOLDBlue 2010 G5 with Red Rice Stacks- This yoyo has several nicks where only the anodize has come off from a counterweight. As stated before, it comes with a nice pair of red Rice Stacks. $65 shipped.SOLD

Shinwoo Phantom- Stock, mint. Will only trade this for a pair of MINT Sparkle Red FHZ Caps and a pair of MINT Blue Sparkle FHZ Caps. (if you have more colors such as white, or blue that are not any kind of see through, or ANY Special Edition FHZ Caps, and don’t mind tossing those in, feel free!)


OK States Wedgie (1 of 2, I just want the other one)
Prototype Bully (one of these ONLY(preferably the gold/grey): http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r285/DSPENCE_photos/Picture246.jpg)
Worlds Editions Swirly (Worlds edition ONLY)
White Projam (must be stock and mint)
Pair of ( Red OR Blue) Translucent Sparkle FHZ Caps
ANY Special Edition FHZ Caps


Keep the offers coming!

Wedgies are gone!

G5 is gone.

Come on guys and gals, lets see some offers!

I really would like to get rid of this TT, it needs a home where it will actually get used. Offer offer offer!!!

Offer please!