FS: BBYY Wedgie

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Happy holidays. I have been clearing out my case for Christmas money recently and have a raw BBYY Wedgie for sale. It is in good condition, with only a few dents that can’t be photographed on no dings. Comes with a CT bearing; I think this is the only yoyo I have EVER played that improves with a CT. I am only interested in money, and only when you offer a price. If you ask me what I want for it I’ll only ask you how much is it worth to you.

It will be re-polished to it’s original luster before shipping. Here is an example of how shiny I’m talking about:

Money, Paypal preferred.

Do not wants:
Trades. No ifs, ands, buts, or coconuts

Send me an offer VIA PERSONAL MESSAGE. I’m not interested in scouring this thread for offers.

Happy holidays

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“Ewwwwww, a small bearing!”

This yoyo is a beast, pick it up before I decide I want to keep it :wink:


If anyone thinks its horrible, because its small bearing, its not. THis is a great all around throw and a wonderful pocket throw. The small bearing also gives you nice tight binds, and I have played this one. It is a great throw. Pick it up before I get it, or pat keeps it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t tell me you wussies are scared of some teeny tiny bearing, are ya?


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…Or is it becasue it’s a center-trak? This is the ONLY yoyo I have ever played that improved with one.

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“I only play wit mah anno’ed and BEE BEE’D YO YOZ”

Raw, mean, pure business.
But if none of you wanna be hardcore, then…

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I’ve been playing this yoyo recently, and I’ve been playing it more and more often, so I’m leaning toward keeping it for a bit longer at least. I’m simply STUNNED that more people haven’t offered for this thing; it really is an incredible yoyo. If anyone still wants to offer for it, I’ll leave this thread open for another week or so.

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