FS/FT - NEW YYF OneStars (beginners! lowered prices!)


I’m looking to sell:

  • 2 black Onestars
  • 1 light blue Paul Han Onestar
  • 1 blue Onestar
    Get the entire set for $40 + shipping ($15). Will add a few strings and trading cards if you like!

All prices are negotiable.

All of the above yo-yos are brand new / never opened / perfect condition. I bought a lot of them a while ago as presents etc but never ended up using them. Just message me with offers if interested. If I can’t get a reasonable price or trade here I’ll put them on ebay.

I would prefer to sell and I’m only interested in higher-end yoyos in case somebody really wants to trade. Particularly, CLYW, One Drop, and RecRev might be of interest for me but $$ preferred.

OneDrop, e.g. gold/black splash Dang (wasp edition, see http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6177/6187099986_15a7a2a16b.jpg)
General Yo (e.g. Prestige)

anything gold/yellow + black might be of interest! :slight_smile:

This is my first trade on YYE. If you’re unsure about me as a person feel free to PM me and I can send you a couple names of people that I know in the community that should be able to vouch for me :slight_smile:


You need pictures

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure because they’re all brand new. Updated the first post :slight_smile:

Any offer is welcome :slight_smile:

Interested in the two protostars, anyway to talk to you via message on here?