FS/FT B-grade OG Edge

I had a chance to play the Progressiver at club today and it solidified my desire to get one. If you have one please reach out! Yes I am aware that they are in stock but I would rather trade some of things I have laying around that don’t get much use.

What I have for sale/trade are as follows:

CoreCo Mothra:
B-grade? Some tiny nail vibe GONE

Smashing Bounce:

YYF OG Edge B-grade:
Nail vibe with a couple pin pricks, $55 (just recouping what I paid)

Bundle pricing available! Add $5 for shipping to all sales or free over $100

I will post a Imgur in the morning with all the conditions, reach out with offers if these seem unfair!

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All* but the Edge is gone! Thanks for the sales so far

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I think you mean…


Good catch, was doing too many things at the same time haha

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