Gone, Please close

Yoyorecreation FYFO -$110 - Mint with box
G2 banshee SS BAP -Gone
Edge Ultimatum -$35 -Mint

$130 take all

Price includes PayPal G&S and shipping only to CONUS.


Hey just wanted to let ya know that mark in the bearing seat is actually indicative of it being a B-Grade. Jake will drill that mark into the bearing seat on B-Grades.


:joy:Didn’t know that. I got it from trade with @Pierre. I didn’t notice it was there when it came tho.



I’m actually not sure at all why that Banshee SS was a ‘glitch’, Jake didn’t tell. Of course I was worried about vibe, but it played dead smooth. Then I thought it was because the rings were not uniformly blue, but other people told me that’s how this version is supposed to be, with varying color. The pink anodized part was perfect. No idea. This said, sometimes if several yoyos in a batch are imperfect, he will mark all of them as glitches even though others in the same batch are absolutely perfect.

Well I’m about to find out soon enough! :grin::grin::grin:

@Blimpin enjoy - the Banshee SS is my favorite yoyo, together with the Anglam PNCL that @sssbreaking sold me. I’ve had 3 and they all played exactly the same, nice and stable and smooth. Here’s the one I’m currently using.


is FYFO still available?

Sorry it’s gone