LF B-Grades

Hello, I am interested in b-grades. If you have any that you would like to sell, shoot me a message. I’d love to see what you have. I am mostly interested in CLYW, One Drop, and G2.


The YYYE and YYF May B grade sale should be coming up in less than a month.

Very good to know, thanks for the info!

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I have a ‘glitch’ G2 BansheeSS available, gold & gold. This is the AL7 version, that’s considered the best-playing version. There are very few of these out there, only a silver version with gold rims and this Golden Boi here. It is glitch for ano, there’s a small section on the weight rim that’s silver and not gold. See second photo. Plays smooth and awesome like a G2. 99$ + ship (from California - if you’re in the US, that’s 3-4$). Store price is 140 or 145+ship. I pack well, ship fast and don’t disappear. Here’s a thread with feedback - thanks !




don’t study, but pay attention in class… or vice versa. show up tardy, be the class clown… excel in math and science, but flop in the arts, history and physical education… or the opposite, or an entirely different combo (highly recommending the former)… i mean really, the opportunities for B-grade are boundless…

study pretty hard
get pretty good grades
make your family and friends mostly proud
be a nuisance sometimes


Haha thanks for the solid advice dude!

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keep an eye on clyw’s website too… i believe they drop b-grade
yetis on the cheeeeeeap

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