Sold please close

I got a few Edge models up for sale right now. They’re already on the BST groups on FB. Shipping CONUS ONLY please, I Accept Paypal and Venmo. If using PayPal I ask that you please do a rep check on me so you can send payment through F&F.

       ADD $5.00 FOR SHIPPING

These are what I have for SALE:

SOLDPanorama- Saturday Market w-Box
Has a couple dings but not too bad, still plays amazing! $50

Edge Beyond- Galaxy NMTBS w-Box very great performance and beautiful!!! $75

SOLDEdge OG- Blue/Silver fade Very good condition, 1 tiny prick (see pics). $50

SOLDEdge Ultimatum- Galaxy NMTBS Absolutely amazing performance GLASS SMOOOOTH!!
The smoothest I ever felt! $40

SOLDKo’oalu Edge- Red NMTBS Great playing throw and very smooth!! $30

QUESTIONS…? Pease DM me to talk. I may also do deals on multiple throws just ask me!

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Bumper cars

Dang no love yet…?


Would you include pictures?

Pics uploaded!:+1:

Please only bump your BST post once per day. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I was just replying to the last comment asking me to post pics… Wasn’t meant to be a bump… I’m probably just gonna take it down anyway

But why is that an issue anyway? Not being a smart a** or anything, I’m just curious why…?

The forum rules. BST threads can be bumped once per day. Keeps it equal and fair for all running a BST.

Oh ok sorry

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Bump day


CONUS only makes me sad :pensive: us Canadian collectors have it rough when it comes to our Dollar amount and how willing people to ship out of country :sob::sob::sob:

I’ll ship to canada if you pay shipping! I don’t mind Canada so much it’s over seas that I don’t wanna mess with because of customs