FS/FT: Angel Hair String LF: Perfect Fit String, G String


I have up for sale or trade a few Angel Hair strings. For those not familiar, Angel Hair strings are designed to maximize slack maneuvers and maintain good string tension, and I have to say they deliver in both aspects. They also last a VERY long time. I have a solid 8-10 hours of play on a couple without any noticeable wear or fraying. They are admittedly rough on the hands when you are not used to them, but the benefits outweigh this drawback by far.

I have:
10 Yellow pending
6 Green
4 Pink
All very bright and eye-catching

I can do a package deal: all strings for $18.00 shipped Priority.
OR sold by individual packs. Pack of 5: $8.00 shipped Priority. Pack of 4: $7.00 shipped Priority.

I’m also open to trade. If anyone has any Perfect Fit strings (1st choice) or G String (any configuration, 2nd choice) they would like to trade, I’d be willing to make an even trade for the G String and would trade generously for Perfect Fit. Yellow, green, and orange are the colors I prefer the most, but it doesn’t really matter ;D.

Thanks for looking guys! PM me with any offers!
US only please, PayPal preferred, cashier’s check/ money order accepted for sales.


how much would it cost for 10 yellow anglehairs?

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