Fs/ft: 3yo3 bassline 2 - lf: orbital, etc

one small scratch, pictured.
plays smooth and comes with the original side effects.
it’s a great yoyo i just don’t use it enough and am saving up for a new saxophone

:slight_smile: 60 shipped!

i would trades as well, so fire away, but here is what i’m mostly looking for…

  • duncan orbital with colored rims
  • 07-09 888 of any sort, no b-grades
  • g5, not one of the new ones but a 555 or a swirl one would be cool
  • frozen turtle wooly marmot
  • radical seas siren
  • fast 401sd in purple or yellow
  • sakura fhz
  • star v2
  • torrent
  • 54mm and under organics
  • offer up, worst i can say is no

(i’d add cash for some of these)




That profile tho :heart_eyes:

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