FS/FT: Duncan, C3, Recess, YYF, Etc


Prices are shipped CONUS with Paypal G&S fees included. Feel free to pm me for any questions or offers. Prices are negotiable.

Trade Wants:
Duncan Haymaker X (pink, purple, or clear)
One Drop Kuntosh 5000QV
YYF Marco
Turning Point St. Elmo
For sale:
Duncan Orbital newer version (Black w/Black rims) mint-$50
Throw Revolution Zephyr 2 (Navy Blue) mint-$60
C3yoyodesign Railgun (Gold) mint-$25
C3yoyodesign Robot (Teal) mint-SOLD
Recess Diplomat (Black) mint-SOLD
Yoyofactory Horizon (Gold) b-grade smooth-$15


Huh I must have an older Duncan Orbital, mine is much more organic?


Yeah, the newer version feels slightly sharper and more defined. It’s also dead smooth and way lighter feeling on the string. The extra 1mm in width must of made a big difference because it plays like a completely different yoyo.


Yeah it looks really different…

(Jacob Waugh) #5

Amazing deals, someone cop before I do.


I would like to purchase the green OD Valor.


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Bump. Price Drop


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