FS/FT: 2sick Blockade $39, C3, YYF Less than $4 - Want E-mount Lenses

Looking to sell or trade some throws for E-mount camera lenses. Will do package deals or sell individually. Please feel free to message me for more photos, questions, or with an offer.

Prices are f&f (or buyer pays g&s fees) and do not include shipping which will generally run $3. If ordering a bundle, shipping will still be $3 and I’ll cover the extra costs.

SOLD Yoyofriends Hummingbird - Dark Plum - One tiny mark on the inner ring which can be somewhat be seen in the picture if zoomed in, dead smooth - $78

2SickYoyos Blockade - Grape Fade Colorway - Some marks/pinpricks, smooth - $39

B-Grade Wedge: Keeping one of the C-Grade Wedges instead so I don’t need it. Minor vibe - $5
B-Grade Superstar: A few marks (which is likely why it’s B-Grade) and slight vibe - $14
C3 Movitation: (Mostly light) Marks all around still plays well. Very slight vibe - $26

These are Yoyofactory “C-Grades.” Some of these throws are great and on par with A Grades that I have and others play very vibey. For the most part, it seems that these yoyos would benefit from a bearing change. Please reach out with any specific questions you may have as each yoyo plays rather differently from the next. I’m selling these because of the yoyos listed, I have already taken at least one of each model and have no reason to keep this many extras. (Below is an updated picture of what has not sold yet)

Please offer whatever price you feel is reasonable.
Not looking for more than $4 per remaining throw

1x Wedge: Some vibe (galaxy being the most vibey) not the longest spin
6x Nine Dragons: Some of these get pretty vibey while others are just super loud. I haven’t played an A-Grade Nine Dragons so I can’t compare, but if tuned I would imagine a couple of these could end up pretty close. Fun niche yoyo.
4x OG Popstar (Responsive): Haven’t thrown these much because I already own a popstar. These are responsive for some reason and don’t seem to spin super long (likely due to having a responsive bearing).
1x New Popstar: Varying degrees of vibe and possible bearing failure (low spin times with some due to a bad bearing). These are super fun and play great after being cleaned/changed. Have already kept 4 myself.
(Not Pictured) 1/2 Dogma: No clue how it plays. Figured I’d list it in case anyone stripped their other half


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A bump for hump day plus prices added ;p

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Interested in grabbing 1 nine dragons 1 wedge 1 d10 and a horizon!

Where did these “C grades” come from?

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Hi Andy, I got these directly from YYF

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During their Amayzing B Grade sale they sold a box full of C Grades.


Oh man wish I knew about this

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Bump - Will update photos with what is left + add a few throws tomorrow or Friday

Tried taking pics tonight but lighting was rough so I’m going to wait until tomorrow for more pics. Also listing a Yoyofriends Hummingbird if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

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Updated: Have a great Friday everyone and happy worlds weekend!

Seems like a legit deal for a hummingbird and blockade. These are two of my most played bi metals. Someone get after it.


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