FS/FT 2 Bassalopes, " YYJ JUNK "

  • Mint blue with green splash large bearing Bassalope $90
  • A- gray acid with red splash large bearing Bassalope $75
    • It has very tiny marks in the finish, and can be seen in the pic
  • B lime green 1st run YYJ Mini-motu hmm make an offer. (typical yyj plastic cracks)
    • There are some little bugger scratch marks on it, can easily show you in a pic.
  • A- black speeder ( Again typical yyj plastic cracks)
  • Metal rims are pretty clean on this one
  • B orange enyo hitman (Typical yyj plastic cracks)
  • This one also has a few SOB scratches on the rim.

Would definitely trade for a MarkMontNext, One drops, YYR, or Old school 888
I Will immediately supply a tracking number upon shipment.
If you think its suspicious have it being a first post, I can assure its authenticity, and can supply any pics upon request. ^^ ( can even dig up some feedback under yoyochenz on TheYO if you desire)

how much for hitman

$20 forgot to mention there is missing plastic among the bearing seat. If you put a bearing in on the opposite halve and have the red spacers installed it plays fine with the typical yyj wobble. Definitely would be good for someone that wants to harvest its rings for a mod. ( Will do all transactions over Paypal)