FS Diffusion 1 and 2, Protostar, and more...last chance before ebay

Paypal only, thanks. Please offer.

Last time I bump this stuff before posting it all to ebay.

In addition to what is pictured, I also have a red Diffusion 2, green YYJ Big Ben, and green Yoyofactory WHiP

everything in great shape, no cracks or major dings

Protostar, satined
Northstar, original SOLD
Starlite (glows in the dark) SOLD
Whistling yoyo (steel)
Plastic Grind Machine (PGM), dyed pink, no stacks

Diffusion, original, yellow, tuned so vibe is reduced (that’s why no “cap” sticker)
Diffusion, original, red, tuned so vibe is reduced (that’s why no “cap” sticker)

Big Ben, painted by John Higby
Journey, no caps