FS: DBYY, BBYY, CLYW, etc...


Hey guys I haven’t been in contact with the community since yoyonation went down but I have some older gems that collectors may be interested in. I had 10 or 11 trades and sales under my name on yoyonation.com before it went down but Im not sure how to prove it, please let me know if you guys know how to access those old yoyonation profiles. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks!


In order:
hspin 3rd run pyro #1408-300$ obo
yoyorecreation stargazer-300$ obo
dbyy Slayve 1 EKG-300$ obo
clyw BvM RvNM-300$ obo
big brother yoyo production bully #28-300$ obo


Please list specifically what you have and your prices.

YYN is dead so no point in referencing your profile there.


Please PM me with offers


Nope - you need to list prices.
Please review our rules.


You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?


Thanks for the warm welcome, not sure what any of these are worth anymore since I picked most of them up in 2010 and 2011.


No problem lol  Post them here, more than likely others will know.

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No reason to be rude. Its a yoyo forum, c’mon. Anyways those yoyo’s aren’t worth that much but you haven’t really been on the forums for a long time so it’s totally fine. WELCOME BACK!!!

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