FS: CLYW, YYJ, YYF, OD, Werrd (final price drop)

Cash only, please. No trades. $6 shipping to anywhere in the states.

CLYW CampFire - got from John Higby if that matters to you - two small nicks on the rims - OFFER

Werrd Rhino - mint - $28

YYF Hectic - one or two very small nicks - OFFER

YYJ Speeder 2 - mint - $30 SOLD

YYJ Hitman Pro - yoyo won’t unscrew, needs caps removed and super glue applied to the axle underneath, easy fix - $10/deal sweetener

One Drop Y-Factor (1 of 20 limited YYE edition) - two small nicks on the rims - $48 SOLD

Also feel free to make an offer. Thanks for looking.

You still have the campfire? Can I get a pick please

Yes, the CampFire is still available. It is the green yoyo in the bottom right in the pic. Thanks for your interest.

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lots of interest in the CampFire, for those whom it may concern…