FS: CLYW Hulk Smash Gnarwhal



Hello there. I have two yoyos up for sale only. First up is a CLYW Hulk Smash Gnarwhal. It is in Mint condition and plays super smooth. This is an awesome yoyo! There is only one small imperfection that I can see on it and it does not affect the yoyo in any way whatsoever. It is very small and I can’t tell if I did it or if it was there when I got it. It looks like a little tiny paint smudge. You can’t feel it and it is not bad in the least bit. I tried to capture it in the pictures but it is hard to tell. Look at the second picture on the bottom left. This yoyo comes with a Center Trac bearing in it. I am looking for $100 shipped.

*****GONE. SOLD TO THERYANFACE*****Next up is a unique opportunity to own a YYF Superstar cheap! This blue Superstar has scratches all around the rims but you cannot feel them. The only scratch that you can feel is the bigger one that you can see in the pictures on the rim. I bought this one at a cheaper price because I wanted to know if I was going to like it before I spent the high price on a new one. It did its job! This yoyo plays very well and has no vibe. It just has the cosmetic issues. It comes with a Center Trac bearing and has new response pads from YYF. This is for a person just trying to figure out what they would like to get next. I will let this one go for $35 shipped.

I will ship to the continental United States only and I will do so by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

PM me if you are interested. Thanks for looking

YYF Boss traded to Steven Kinder
YYF Primo traded to Sloegoe


How about a red skyline with stackes??? It so leave me your email and ki send them


New Yoyos for sale 01/05/2012




Superstar is Pending. Gnarwhal is still available! But for how long???


The Superstar is gone. Gnarwhal is still available. NO TRADES PLEASE!

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