FS: Bunch O Kendama's

So I bought a bunch O Kendama’s, bout 30, & these are doubles and/or the ones for sale. Barely any play on them except for the Turner Pro (see pic’s). The rest have some marks mostly around the tama hole. I did some custom wood burning designs too.

Paypal and shipping is $3 each First Class or $6 for priority, both will come with tracking.

Ozora Street - $25 (left) Box, extra string.
Ozora Keyaki -$30 (see pics) Got skullz now. Box, extra string, & glued tip.
Sweets Marble - $20 (right) Box, extra string, & glued tip.
RWB/REZ full Ash -$40 Great grain and custom burnt tama line and dots for tracking. No box, extra string.
KUSA TJ Kolesnik Pro -$25 Light marks, more marks around tama hole. Box, extra string. (info)
KUSA Turner Pro -$Free with any other kendama. Well used, but still good shape, & glued tip, no box.
Catchy Street -$15 Glued tip, no box.
KenCo Zen -$20 (see here) Custom sea theme burnings. New, box & extra string.

Ozora Street, Ozora Keyaki (not like this anymore), Sweets Marble



KUSA Turner Pro

Catchy Street



Bird is the word.

J stick.

1 turn lighthouse.