Is this a kendama?

I was at a used clothes store today, and i came across something that looked like a kendama for 4$. Is it a kendama? If it is, what brand is it, and how much is it worth? Thanks!

Yes that is a Kendama! Does the wooden part (Ken) have any marking on it? That’s the only way we could tell you a brand name.

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Its all wooden even the ball. Hang on ill go take a pic of the sticker on it.

If you can’t tell the writing is in a different (asian) language.

I believe that’s an Ozora!

There are no other markings or stickers.

Omg on amazon its 30$! Good thing i picked it up. How much do you think I could sell it for?

maybe like 15 bucks but not much more than that

That’s still three times as much as I got it for though. I’ll probably just keep it and play with it.

I’m not educated enough on kendamas to be certain, but I don’t think that is an ozora seal. Give me a day or so, and I’ll see what I can dig up.

I think the seal looks different…

Well…it is black and the only black seal I have seen is on a Shin Fuji. So perhaps it is a earlier Shin Fuji? What concerns me is that the JKA seals are usually circular not oval-like and the coloring should cover the base cup as well as the big cup and small cup like so:

Not to be a downer, but it could be just a knock-off. However I could be wrong, we’ll see what Waylon comes up with in his research. Good luck on finding what it is. :wink:

It’s possible that this is an old JKA competition model.

the ozora has a gold seal. I believe that is a shin Fuji kendama

Is the “seal” the sticker? Because the sticker is gold.

The circular bit in the middle is the JKA logo. That’s present on every JKA approved model. However, the entire sticker is very different from any JKA seal I’ve ever seen. I posted your photo on the BKA forum. No one has responded yet. It’s a slow forum and may take a bit to get an answer. None of my digging has turned up anything useful.

I’d recommend shooting an email over to the guys at KUSA. They may have some information.

Edit: it’s not a Shin Fuji. At least not one I could find.

Gloken provided contact info in that article. Email them, too :slight_smile:


I got a response that it may be a Sakura with an early JKA seal. Can you take several good photos and email them to me?

Sorry i don’t really have a good camera.

No its a refrigerator.
Of course its a kendama