FS: Anti-Yo BSP and Higby Painted Freehands

Hi All,
Years ago I was an avid ‘thrower’, but have since drifted away from the hobby. So, I’ve decided to start liquidating my humble collection. Don’t worry, I’m going to keep a couple for myself. I have no idea what things are worth nowadays, so I’ve decided to post items to “ebid”. I’ve decided to start with the best of my collection.




  • shipping to Canada and USA only (just easier)
  • Prices are in $CAD
  • Auctions end August 7th (longer than I wanted, but I won’t be able to ship next week, and don’t want anyone waiting after the auctions close!)
  • ebid charges for extra photos, but as I expect my posts to be the only thing that generates traffic to my ads, I’ve posted additional photos to imgur

Why did you choose to go with eBid and not eBay? Despite the higher sellers fees, it is a more trusted platform and your auction will probably get more exposure there.

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Because I figured any exposure my auctions get will be from my letting the yoyo community know.

Lower fees is also a major driver. Ebay just keeps hiking them up! Figured I’d give the smaller guy a try.

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BSP description appended in Auction.

aszyd you have the only current bid. If you want to retract or change your bid based on the updated info, I understand.

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Thanks for posting about the change. I’m fine with some vibe and will leave my bid in place.

I’ve had a few questions (via PM) about whether I would sell the BSP outside of the auction. There’s already a bid in, so the answer is no.

Happy bidding :wink:

Final Bump: 13 hours left!

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