4 yo yos on ebay!

right now the current bid is 25.00 for all 4

ill buy the just the yyf 44 for 14.99$ with free shipping

Not trying to pick on you, but would like to use this as a great example, of why you need good pictures here as well as ebay. I an sharpstuffsells on ebay, you will notice I ran the bid up to 72.00 in the last few seconds. With better pictures I would have went more. I have noticed the trend of posting a throw for sale. Someone will ask a 100.00 for a throw and put up a shty picture or no picture at all. There is an old saying.”A picture is worth a 1000 words”. Believe it, also believe a shty picture is a studder. I only point this out, because I like buying yo-yos. In the last 90 days I have bought about 75 throws. Some here some on another forum but most on E-bay. I have 300 or so in my collection, and will be adding more. Bad pictures or no pictures turn me off and make me move on in 98% of the listings. I look at. If you want to study someone who really knows how to sell, look at one of Jayyo’s listings. I have bought 7-9 off of him. Again I am not trying to pick on anyone. This just seemed an opportune time to make a point that needed to be made here. Because I want more throws. One more fine point, when you ask for offers, you are asking to get screwed. Find a price you can live with or will not go below, post some good pictures and see what happens. You can always go down, but it is hard to go up. tim

That made no since at all lol

Sorry Dethmartyr, computer freaked out during my post. Anyway, I am not thing to pick on you or anyone else. tim

oh np tim i was only looking for 60:D

Great you came out ahead. Please do not miss the point, you could have come out better. tim