[eBay] Package Deal! (YYF, YYJ, MagicYOYO, ONEDROP) **PRICE LOWERED***

Hey guys! I am selling some throws and accessories I never really used on eBay. Here’s the description from my listing:

Thank you for visiting my listing!

I was into yoyo-ing for a little while which is why I have these throws. Now I am just selling all of my stuff cause I don’t want it anymore. This ‘‘lot’’ will come with the following:

Name of item: Condition:

Yoyofactory POPstar - 10/10 (Used a couple times)

Yoyofactory Superwide - 10/10 (Used a couple times)

MagicYoyo N12 - 8/10 (Also has a 10 Ball Koncave Bearing in it) (Has a couple ‘‘marks’’ on it)

Lots of String (Kitty,Monkeyfinger,CHAOS,YYE,YYF) - 10/10 (Brand New) NO CHEAP CHINA STRING

Monkeyfinger Rhino Tool - 10/10

OneDrop 4VM Lube - 10/10 (Only has about 50%+ left, hard to gauge)

YYJ Takeshi Dice - 10/10 (Never Used)

I am using eBay because it is more secure and has buyers protection. Also because don’t have any trade counts. Here’s the link to the listing: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=141066268533

Price subject to change

Probably will buy :slight_smile:

Priced lowered again! I need these throws sold.

bump low price, needs to be bought