FS/FO: 7 yoyo lot (beginner-intermidiate) with 100+poly/slick/cotton strings


Hey I am getting out of this hobby and want to unload all my stuff to someone who appreciates it, and want to avoid ebay. Please make me a fair offer- I don’t really follow the market, but I will check my prices so don’t bother low balling.

Everything was adult used, Indoors in really good condition (but there maybe blemishes I don’t know of). I never bounced any of them off the ground (that I remember :P)

I have great ebay feedback for reference- I would like you to have good feedback too somewhere.

Paypal only (no gifts)

Shipping to USA only, about $10.00

Included in sale:

-Yoyo Jam Dark magic 2 (gold/black) w/Yoyo jam YYBSP bearing (and original bearing) (slight blemish on inside black part)
-Yomega Maverick (blue)
-Yoyo Factory Whip (black)
-Yoyo Factory Velocity (neon Green)
-Duncan Mosquito (red)
-Yomega Nebula (orange)
-Sharper image yoyo (black)

All the strings I forget how many are in each bag- I think 25 (except yoyo usa and toxic)

Slick 8- blue
Slick 6- yellow
Poly-Neon multi
Toxic strings sampler (3 strings?)
yoyo usa neon multi (10 strings?)


If you have any questions, just ask!

EDIT: Thanks for all the replies- I am not interested in breaking up the lot. I might in the future, but To make it easier on me I will probably just sell on ebay if they don’t sell here.

Not looking for top dollar, just fair offers. I would prefer them to go to someone who will throw them than someone who try to resell them.


Bump- gonna bump one more time, then ebay it is!


I’m interested in the DM2. Email me @ljayc92@gmail.com

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