Hope this is allowed, ive included my link because posting it on fb marketplace was the easiest way to include photos and stuff. Link is below, it includes pictures. These have been posted for a while and price is slowly going down. WIll be online actively waiting for offers, so dont hesitate! shipping is included. We will go through paypal F&F only and fb market place is just to show pictures. Thanks!

Selling my entire collection. Condition is rated based on cosmetic wear as well as play vibe. All yoyos have no major imperfection, only smooth to the touch scuffs (if they have any at all). Message me for individual pictured and concerns!

Yoyos include

  • Nd ultra 7/10

  • Nd 8/10

BLISS 7/10

  • Overthrow 9.9/10

  • Very old dark magic, beater yoyo

  • YYF popstar with no axle

-YYF genXs

  • Very old beater legacy


  • Yoyostring lab test pack, only 2 strings used

  • 70 or so 100% polyester yye strings

-lots of various colored normal kitty string, some xl and fat


  • YYF Responce pad kit

-Brand new concave bearing

  • Onesrop V4M Lube

-YYF Belt holder

-yye mini yoyo organizer tray

-packs of trading cards

-Very old yoyojam lubes, thick and thin

Best offer within the next couple days takes it. Need money bad. Do not hesitate for any extra questions or pictures!! Shipping will be flat rate usps box. Everything purchased here cost upwards of $400. So hoping to share my old passion with someone who has a good home for it. Thanks! Sold as is. Need gone.


hey @PCaliyoyos there’s your belt holder… nvm…


ty bro!


gonna PM

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hope somethin can work out b :wink:


lol thanks

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Price reduced, literally steal for all this stuff.

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Price reduced again. $90 shipped obo for everything

Final price reduction

Interested in the kitty fat and xl string

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was hoping to sell everything, there is probably $40 worth of string. $85 shipped and u
you can have everything

Actually I’m very interested but it don’t get paid till Wednesday night around 3am. I had a little for string just not 85 till then. How do you do a rep check like the Facebook bst?

pm me!

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