FS: 28 Stories Wooly Marmot 2


I’m thinking about selling my 28s WM2 and picking up one from the new run. I’m really liking some of the colors from the new run so I figured I’d give 28s lovers a chance to own this from the first run. I’ve only had the yoyo for a month, got it brand new. It is MWB, has seen a fair amount of play, but has zero dings/scratches. It does have what looks like a small scratch in one of the cups, but it is smooth so I think it may be a small ano flaw (this is how it came to me). This yoyo is super stable, vibe free and fun to play! You can kind of see the flaw I’m talking about in the first pic, it’s at about 4 o’clock, right below a red spec.

Looking to get $150 + shipping costs.

Pics below:

(system) #2