Wooly Marmot 4 Sale

I have a Wooly Marmot 2012 edition orange with blue specks. This yo-yo has never touched the ground and is in mint condition, it maybe has no more then 5 hours of advanced play. I also have about 60-70 blue, black, and white 100% polyester strings that will come with it. I just dont use it that often and im sure someone would get more use out of it. I also have the original packaging clyw sent it in.
It is 100% stock no mods, clyw bearing does have the covers taken off for easy cleaning i do have them in a bag in the box and can put them on before shipping if you want.
great yo-yo best Ive ever owned, sleeps nice and smooth, very floaty like everyone says and can play fast.

I’m asking $100 and you pay for the shipping I’m guessing standard shipping is only a few bucks for a package this small if you live in the US. great deal as they cost $120 only come in stock every once and a great while and sell out in a flash i was luck to get one. original box also in mint condition if your a collector.