FS: 2008 Hardcoat 888 & 2008 Raw 888

For sale only, prices are paypal’d and shipped in the US. Shipping this Friday 4/3/2020.

Paul Han edition Shutter - NMTBS, no box - SOLD

888’s, I’m only selling one of them. Keeping whichever doesn’t sell, they’re both great playing yoyos. Both have flat bearings. Highly thinking of keeping the Hardcoat. Today is the last day I’ll leave the Hardcoat up for sale.

08 888 B Grade raw - not sure why it was a B grade, it’s got vibe but no more than any other 888 I’ve ever owned, barely noticeable on the string. Light scuffs all around, no dings or major damage - $65

‘08 888 hard coat - no dings or major damage, some very light scuffs which are common for hardcoat yo-yos. White/yellow hub stacks. Yellow hubstack is cracked but still operates as it should. Common 888 vibe, barely can be felt on the string - $75

Also needing to sell my beloved original AntiYo Hardcoat YWET, only 10 of these were made, it’s in mint condition. Includes an original AntiYo box sticker. This one was made by AntiYo, this is not one of the recent refinished ones that have been popping up in the last couple years. Most likely the only one you’ll ever have the chance to purchase SOLD




He knows :slightly_smiling_face:


His Anti-Yo collection is probably going to double after all this quarantine stuff is said and done :sweat_smile:


or get cut in half :grimacing:, lol… only the prettier one of us is working, so trades are pretty much how i’m rollin’ :wink:


Shutter is sold. Either of the 888’s are still available.

Heading to the post office tomorrow, lets get one of these sold :slight_smile:

If the Hardcoat 888 doesn’t sell today I’ll be pulling it and keeping it :+1:


I am willing to buy the hardcoat 888 if you decide you want to sell it!

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