FS: '10 Severe,Genesis, Custom iPhone 4

I have a few yoyos to sell.  I also have a custom red/blue iPhone 4 for AT&T I’d like to sell as well, and an HP G42 laptop.

Before I go on to the sale, I’d like to let you know I add $4 for shipping, the $4 is included in each yoyo’s price (if you were wondering why I chose to sell a severe for the random number of $64).  This also means that it is NOT ok to offer the price without shipping.  Just about every person I’ve sold to in the past few weeks has offered me $50 for a $54 shipped yoyo.  I know it’s only $4, but I’m not paying for your shipping.  It adds up.  PLEASE just pay the extra $4.

2010 Severe: Steve brown edition red/blue.  Mint.  $64 shipped
Genesis:  Blue, 5a may sterling quinn edition.  a few dings, plays good.  $54 shipped

I also have a few protostars from the very first run.  I have red and grey.  They are MIB never opened, 19$ shipped each.

Custom iPhone 4:  AT&T, 16GB, Perfect condition.  Front panel/home button is blue, back panel is red.  Phone works great, the only issue is the home button doesn’t “click” the same way other iPhone home buttons do.  The button is fully functional and doesn’t require any extra force to use, it just feels slightly different from other phones when you press it.  I have no box for the phone, all I got with it is the USB charger (and unfortunately that’s all I can include with it).  It’s jailbroken right now on 4.3.3.  $475 shipped

paypal only.  no trades.


bump. yuuksta sold

In the pictures that you have, that genesis looks alot like a yuuksta. Especially with the word yuuksta on the inside. Or is that what it is supposed to look like, I am confused

Clearly you are looking at a yuuksta. If you took a few seconds to look at the next picture, you’d see a genesis.

Sorry, mea culpa…and hey free bump

No worries, sorry for acting like a jerk.