All have been sold!

[s]Hello again.

My idea of smoothness may be different from yours. Keep that in mind.

offer anything!


ALL YOYO’s = $75 + Shipping
ALL NYYR = $125 + Shipping
EVERYTHING = $150 + Shipping

-No boxes are included
-Paypal only. As gift or include the charge in your offer.

1. MadHouse Epic: It’s blue. It’s loud. It’s awesome for 5a. Great yoyo, I just don’t play as often as I used to and could use the cash money.

DAMAGE: Yes. Some marks along the rims. Nothing too bad. One or two go through the anno, but it's far from beat. Super duper smooth! [b]$50 + shipping[/b]

2. YYF Severe (09) 44Clash edition: Pretty rare. I love this thing…but again I need that cash money. Lots of marks that go through the anno. The worst of them are pictured below. The axle is kind of wonky and it has a slight vibe…but it’s miniscule. Don’t worry about it. Awesome for 5a! $30 + shipping

3. YYF Skyline (2011): No stacks. Some marks on the rims. Awesome color way. Awesome undersized everyday carry throw. It needs sili and comes with a Crucial bearing. $20 + shipping


5. Ipod Touch 4th Gen: It’s 8GB. It works perfectly, I barely ever used it cause I have an Iphone. It’s engraved on the back…nothing a case won’t cover. Will be factory reset upon sale. $50 + shipping


pics dont work.

Bump! Pics up and running. Canvas is (kind of) pending…

Lots of offers.

bump. MH Epic remains available.

Also have a pretty beat up Black YYF 44 Clash Severe 09’ and a somewhat beat up YYF 2011 Skyline if anyone is interested.

Pics up later today.