Frontstyle other than Brain Twister / Atom Smasher mounts


Has anyone done any frontstyle mounts outside of brain / split bottom mounts? I concentrate on Frontstyle and usually start with these two mounts, but can anyone come up with any other mounts?

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A different mount would be to go from a front bind, but instead of binding to just use that as your mount. Sorry, that’s all i got.


There’s not really any other mounts and i dont know double or nothing so theres not many tricks i can do because there isnt really more than 2-3 mounts from a sleeper


Oh ye(s) of little faith. There are almost inumerous mounts to do frontstyle. Example:
Start to do a split bottom mount, but instead of landing on the string, bring the yoyo around and over your nonthrowhand, around, and land into a split bottom from there, so you have a split bottom with an extra wrap.

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i agree with the good dr. ape. Plus not that you can do any mount you can do from a breakaway from a sleeper, it may just be outragiously uncomfortable.


Plastic whip

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Ninja vanish and do tricks of the gt

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Seth Peterson has some crazy frontstyle mounts.

For inspiration.


You can make a more complicated braintwister with this: