Friction Stickers ?

Ok First off sorry for making so many thread and asking so many questions. I jus want to know as much as i can.
I do google but they cant explain specific like users on here.

If i get friction stickers would i need lube for responsivness?

You meen thick lube? First off friction stickers are not the best chioce. They do not last long at all. And if you want responsiveness just get thick lube and bingo! responsive.

I hate Friction Stickers. I wore mine out within a day, and they are very responsive. If you want it responsive, I s’pose they might be good for you, but because they wear so quickly, I don’t recommend them…

Excuse me, but BOTH of you are mistaken (unless you are talking about just duncans)

There are MANY types of friction stickers. they all play VERY differently. personally, the chaz pads that i keep in my project last me about 2-3 months of solid play until i feel the need to replace them. just like any other response, they have to be broken in inorder for them to be unresponsive. and yes, they have be completely dead unresponsive.

We are talking about Duncan’s Friction Sticker’s considering that they copyrighted the term. So…there is only one version of the Friction Sticker. And that is. The Friction Sticker.