Friction Sticker help

I need a way to “kill” a friction sticker. If i take both out, then its ultra slippy, but with one in, it plays responsive. Btw im using a duncan mosquito that i added weight to. Dont think that means anything but might as well put it out there.

Do Lindy Loops and flops.

Anything that yields quicker results?

clean the bearing and put 1 silicone sticker in it

Let me rephrase, is it possible to scrape away at a friction sticker with an exacto knife to make it less responsive?

ummm… no i dont think

Get these:
The small bearing kind, if you will.

I bought a mosquito and put the bearing and axle from my YYF Velocity that I never played so now it is beefcaked. I am gonna get some weight to put in it. Once you open that gap the stickers aren’t a problem