Friction Sticker help

(Troy(oyo) #1

I need a way to “kill” a friction sticker. If i take both out, then its ultra slippy, but with one in, it plays responsive. Btw im using a duncan mosquito that i added weight to. Dont think that means anything but might as well put it out there.


Do Lindy Loops and flops.

(Troy(oyo) #3

Anything that yields quicker results?

(yoyo jake) #4

clean the bearing and put 1 silicone sticker in it

(Troy(oyo) #5

Let me rephrase, is it possible to scrape away at a friction sticker with an exacto knife to make it less responsive?

(yoyo jake) #6

ummm… no i dont think


Get these:
The small bearing kind, if you will.


I bought a mosquito and put the bearing and axle from my YYF Velocity that I never played so now it is beefcaked. I am gonna get some weight to put in it. Once you open that gap the stickers aren’t a problem