Fresh Paint For "Need 401 K" we shall call it the Avocado

I promised Need 401 K on YYN when I got established in the new place I would paint him a yoyo, well he had this yoyo that he and I for that matter are not sure of who makes it.

So this became the donor for the paint. He gave me free reign to do what ever I wanted so I came up with something that was bright yet had a very contrasting color. Needless to say I think it came out AWESOME…

Anyways I know I know enough jibber jabber and on with the pics.

WOW! Stunning, super stunning!

That’s amazing

Thats a really beautiful yoyo. What method did you use to put the paint on? Airbrush?

once again you have produced at great finish, I wish I had a mate who had paint shop to do my yoyo’s in.

now thats one snazzy lookin yoyo if that was for sale i would jump to byin it :smiley: