Frequently Played Case?

So as I throw more and more I realized I have a frequently played case. I have a large case that’s away most of the time and a 12 hole zeekio case that sits in the main area of my house that has the 12 I am using more frequently. So this is what’s in my etc (everyday throw case?) Do you have one? If so what’s in it? Here’s mine after a quick rotation:

I have an “Anti-case” on my desk :joy:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

I don’t have a case, but if I did, it would be the sfss, the edge, the shu-ta, the marvel, and the jackknife

Yoyolazar, what are all of them?

I still want your prime8. aren’t you selling the ghost?

not just my favorite, it’s my only case

Yup, selling ghost. I like it, just never touch it. When I reach for plastic I reach for the cabal…

Yeah I still want to get a cabal. When I reach for plastic, I grab my Pompnir, ( name used without permission from ohdavidbowie)

All I ever wanted was to know that you liked the name

Hahaha nice!

Any one in particular? Or all? Ha

Wife is out of town, but got some company to keep me busy.

AMS Tundra - Grail - TiPeak - Valkyrie
Kodiak - Manatee - Sputnik - Chief
Puffin2 - Puffin - Avalanche - BearVsMan

(In other case not pictured is Hashtag, Peak2, FG Tundra, 2016 Superstar, and Flight) but the don’t get play nearly as much.

Pretty much the whole SP line up

Nice case. Ever tried 5A?

I’ve been going through an everything looks the same phase for a while now. Not these!

I hate strings tied to my finger. Even when I’m technically doing 1a tricks, I’d rather be holding a counterweight and it makes it easy to switch between when I’m playing with a bunch at the same time. Sturm Panzer has a very wide selection of throws from 58-70g, 52-60mm, size D and C bearings. Plus they constantly pay homage to YYJ. I’m a fan lol