Why is called freehand when you still have to use your freehand?


Huh? Use some grammar and make sense please. I have no clue what you mean.

But, it is called the Duncan Freehand because you can do Freehand (5a) with it.


Sorry about the grammar and I was just being silly.




Yea and it’s not free either, false advertising.


I was upset because mine didn’t include a free hand like they promised. It didn’t even come with a hand, as a matter of fact.


This thread just got better!

Mine came with a hand, but it had a sticker, MADE IN CHINA, and the hand broke and I had to clean up the blood stains on my moms antique carpet :(…


Could some of you at least TRY to be helpful? I think you’re making just as many, if not more, jokes than the OP, Bcmaddog.

OP, it’s probably called Freehand because the yoyo isn’t tied to your hand, so it is “free of your hand”. Free-hand. :smiley:


Mine came with a foot…


I had a similar experience, except mine involved Wendy’s Chili…


Yeah OP, how dare you enjoy yourself on a forum about a toy. You’re the absolute worst, OP.




Did you not read his second post? “It was a joke”

He isn’t really asking that question…

(Steve Brown) #14

At the time, we referred to everything as throw hand and free hand. With counterweight play, you start with one throw hand and one free hand, and then both hands become free hands as the trick or combo progresses.

So, I named it Freehand.


It’s more than a toy stares of into the horizon


if 5a is freehand, than is 1a throwhand?

and 2a and 3a is throwhands?

enough interwebz for today, time to get some sleep


Nah man, slavehand.


Technically since there is no finger loop, BOTH of your hands are free


reporting for duty



Seriously though, this thread is pointless.