Freehand Zero Turning and Painting

Hi Guys,

I know your all probably sick of hearing about freehand zero mods but Im going to throw this out there and see what response I get.

As for painting Ive seen loads of threads but they all say they have used a clear freehand zero. Is it possible to paint a see through blue freehand?

Also has anyone used a lathe to change the shape? If so can you let me know how much plastic I dare to remove to widen the gap?

Cheers Guys

When painting, most people paint the INSIDE, which is why they like the clear ones. It “seals” in the paint job, making it, for all practical purposes, indestructable. You can paint on any color. Where and how will determine your final results.

Turning on a lath? I’ve seen FHZ’s reshaped. I think usually they just smooth down the response area to flat, then cut a response recess and maybe an optional schmoove ring, which is I think how mine was done. You’re not removing that much plastic. You can also adjust the gap with spacers and a Terrapin X A+ Beefcake Kit for FHZ.


yeah recessed already, I was just thinking of trying to take the curve off so it liked similar to dark magic shape.

In regards to the beef cake mod, any idea where I could get this kit from. I can’t seem to find it on here.

Contact this fine genteman right here: fjh123 and send him a PM.

He can handle a lot of your bearing needs. He may also have some additional suggestions for you.

Tell him I said “Hi”. I like his products and I like telling other people about them!