Freehand yoyo

I want to get a freehand yo-yo but I do not know do any of you know some good freehand yo-yos?

What’s your price range and skill level?

Maybe get the one that started it all: Freehand One
It wasn’t even available until quite recently when they started remaking it.

I have done some things with freehand but not too much

I really want to get into it more

I looked at the freehand one. My price range is $50 tops

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I was also looking at the canon because it can be used for freehand I think. I was thinking about the duncan next gen too.


The 5a Shutter is $35 right now


Just about any yoyo will do. Just pick one you like that’s in your price range and go for it


C3 speedaholic xx because it’s plastic and you’ll most likely end up dropping the yo-yo a lot practicing freehand


Can you use the shutter for freehand? If so that is probably what I am going to do if not the nextgen

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