Freehand Responsive Stall

My first trick post on youtube.  to thank TMBR for throwing me a counterweight for free.  I am probably not the first to do this, but i call it a Freehand Responsive Stall

Hmm… Playing with yoyo on work! I`m wondering what will the boss say :smiley: btw. Was the yoyo dead? It doesnot seem spining.

Yup, the yoyo does come to a stop half way up the string. I believe that is called a ‘stall’ in the world of responsive yoyos.

my job has yoyo perks!

Cool!  Ed Haponik does those a lot.

I’ve been trying my hand at it as well, but I’m not to good at it.

Thats pretty awesome! I love stalls they’re my favorite responsive tricks!
By the way, how do you like the freemont? I was thinking about getting one or the Irving.

Thanks! Ed is the man. I have watched a couple of his videos and read an article about his philosophy on wood yos. I am definately having fun with wooden resposive yos - havn’t picked up a metal a few weeks!

love my TMBR yos. I think the Irving is my new favorite. I started with a Fremont. The one in the video is walnut and really light. I bought a blue/nat Fremont which is about 3X as heavy. started using type 9 cotton strings which work great.

Dewd awesome!!! :o :o :o