Freehand 1?

I’ve had my eye on the original Duncan Freehand 1 and I’ve seen it on eBay. What are your thoughts? Should I get it?

To be clear, are you talking about the real old school Freehand 1? The original one that came out in 2001?

If so…

Short answer: No. Don’t bother. Out of production for over 15 years, expensive on the used market in decent condition, it is an older design that uses response stickers that are no longer made.

Long answer: Maybe? I guess I’d ask “Why do you want it?” Tons of amazing tricks were created on the FH1, it was a crucial yoyo in terms of both 1A and 5A. If you bought one, you could absolutely still throw it assuming you could scrounge up some duncan response stickers (or make/find something that fits). That said, they are really collectors pieces at this point, in my opinion. If having a yoyo that connects you to the midschool boom of the early 2000 has meaning for you, then by all means get one. The FH1 and the Renegade are the two yoyos that defined that time period and will always have meaning for some older players and younger ones who appreciate history. But if you are looking for one because you think it will be an amazing player throw, you may be disappointed.