Freedom - Cha cha cha


Nicely done.


Anybody? :-X

Maybe I became a lurker for too long. :-\

Super Clean, and super slick as usual!!

Love your play style, man. This video is excellent, and full of smoothness and creativity! Also, you have some really smooth regens going on, which I’m a sucker for.


Dude you should totally work on a trick incorporating you ability to do flips. It could be a pretty killer banger.

Oh… I’ve been thinking about it. :wink:



Bye. :frowning:

Seeeee ya! Thanks for the great video!!! :smiley:

Shhhhh dude.


I thought this was one of my best videos but apparently it isn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: haha.

I think it’s the best yet. You’re especially good at those rhythmic tricks, the boings and seasick looking ones. Very well shot, edited, and the best tricks I’ve seen from you yet. You’re getting taller too, what are you eating? :wink:

Great job Matt, always great watching your videos, and seeing you progress.

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this is killer very well done and edited.

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Gracias mis amigos. :slight_smile:

Cha cha cha

When I grow up I want to be just like Matthew Donovan :wink:

Cha cha cha. :-*

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

Last bumpy


Nah, it’s good.

Oh wow I didn’t get any of my slack tricks in there… Woopsies. ::slight_smile: