Free Shipping Worldwide During WYYC15!

Free shipping on all orders over $100 worldwide in honor of the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest!

[b]As a 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest Gold Sponsor we are proud to do our part in making this an amazing and exciting event for everyone lucky enough to attend! But we also want to bring some of that excitement to anyone who couldn’t make it out to Tokyo for the contest!

So while the 2015 World Yo-Yo Conetest is running we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 worldwide![/b]

[b]International shipping and shipping on larger orders can get expensive – So take advantage of this special offer while it lasts!

Free Shipping ends 08/19/15[/b]


I sent an email to Support a couple days ago, but I haven’t heard back yet.

I ordered some Worlds Packs along with some add-ons in one transaction that totaled over $100. My order ended up getting split in two and I was charged for shipping for one of them, although my CC was charged just once for the full amount. Just wondering why my single order over $100 got split up and I ended up getting charged for shipping on one of them.

Thank you

Is this offer instead of a Mystery Box?

It doesn’t look like we received an email from you, we can definitely take care of this though.  PM me your order number and email address and ill make sure we contact you to get it fixed.

Where you been hobbyman101? The Mystery Box has been up and running for a couple days:{47}14{47}15

Free shipping is just a bonus!

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Just for my information, where was it posted. Each day  I looked at the YYE News and the forum topics and so nothing, so I asked.,86177.0.html

Also on their Twitter and Instagram.  :slight_smile:

There were a few other forum topics about it as well:,86175.0.html,86206.0.html

Thanks for the prompt reply and straightening it out! I sent the email with my phone on a work network…maybe they filter stuff who knows, lol.

This complaint has been made before. You have many customers who do not have twitter or Instagram or even Face Book. So by not using your website to promote these specials you ignore a lot of money spending members.

Sorry you missed the announcement hobbyman.  We always update our new releases section with anything that is coming soon/just released as well: