Free Hand

I have silicone recessed a duncan free hand, but the bearing broke and I need to by a new one should I get a konkav.

Do you need one? Are your throws straight? Are you willing to spend 15$?

Its all up to you, but a KonKave will perform better.

Have you tried cleaning your bearing?

My throws are straight. Also can you clean a bearing with paint thinner?

I wouldn’t because Paint Thinner isn’t exactly the purest thing. I would go with mineral spirits. But that’s just me.

I’d recommend reading this guide…


What exacly do you mean by broke?

The bearing does not even spin. Even if I clean it it doesn’t do anything.

That happened 2 my kickside twice and all i did was take the bearing out put it in a small medicen contaner spray some wd-40 in it and let it dit for 8 hours

wd-40 contains water in it.

wd stands for water displacement, and 40 means 40th formula.

second paragraph.

edit: i think that will just kill your bearing. i did it to mine, and it died a day and a half later.

If you do spray i with WD-40 (which I don’t highly recommend) clean it with Mineral Spirits after. It has been known to revive a dead bearing.

Just spray it on both sides, let it seep in there, then clean it very well in the Spirits. Make sure all the WD-40 has been cleaned out - Wash the bearing twice even. Then, dry it out very well, and put a lot of lube in the bearing. Its probably going to be responsive, but it could make your bearing work again.

yeh it didi make it responsive but it spun for 15 more seconds

wd40 doesnt have water in it, it displaces “gets rid of” water, in something, all it does it get the water out, and put a lubricating film on the object, it is an anti rust/corrosion, if it did have water, any thing u put wd40 on would rust, well any metal

This thread was old, there was no need to bring it back up.

I’ve soaked bearings in WD 40 for weeks on end with no ill effects. Its just that you need to lube it after. thats all.

Oh and wd 40 does not have water in it. Please tell me what you think water displacement means. Then you will understand.