Fredericksburg, VA Monthly Yo-yo Club...


The Royal Order of the Tethered Gyroscope is official…

Wednesday July 21, 2010 at the Library Headquarters in Downtown Fredericksburg, VA we will have our first official meeting from 3-5pm in the Cable Studio. With this being our first meeting what we do will depend on who shows up. Come hang out, swap some tricks, try some new throws, and spend some time with people who share a common interest in our little spinning skill toy.

My goal is to have a corner set aside specifically for shooting trick videos, an area for learning new tricks, and plenty of room to just mingle and throw down.

If you miss this one, that is all right. We will meet every third Wednesday from 3-5pm at the same place.

Visit for more info.


We had a great turn out to our first yo-yo club meeting.

The number of excited beginners was more than I expected. I had a great time teaching new tricks to the eager young ones we had in attendance. I hope that the more advanced players got a chance to get some good face time with one another and didn’t feel too left out as my attention was definitely focused on the beginners.

Our next meeting is on August 18 from 3-5. I will try to book the much larger room in the same library for the next meeting. The World Yo-yo Contest is the weekend right before the next meet so I think that we will kind of focus next months meeting on using the stage at the library to demonstrate the different styles of yo-yoing for at least the first part of the meeting and then focus the second half to learning new tricks.

Your feedback is important in making the yo-yo club as good as it can be. You can email any suggestions to

Hope to see you all next month.


Our second meet is today. We got the large theater room booked for this one so I want to do some demonstrations of the various styles for at least the first part of the meet. Anyone interested in doing a demonstration to music email me before 2pm today and we will get you set up for it. Music must be family friendly but time limit doesnt matter since we are only demonstrating what the various styles look like.


When is the Next Meeting?
I missed the last 2, and I live in VA and I REALLY Want to go to the Yoyo Club/Meeting the Next time it Happens. :slight_smile:


This month’s yo-yo club has been canceled. I apologize for the short notice but this month’s meeting snuck up on me and I am unprepared.

I hope this doesn’t inconvenience people too much.

Next month we are going to have to find a different place for the club meeting. The library is having a month long book fair and there are no available rooms for us. I would like to have next months meeting somewhere outside if the weather permits. If anyone has any suggestions on a place we could use please email them to me at

Again, I am terribly sorry that this months meeting is canceled with no notice.

-The Professor


Sorry folks, but continued personal difficulties prevent me from having yo-yo club for a second month in a row. Believe me that I am just as disappointed about this as you are. As soon as new information is available I will let everyone know.