Fredericksburg, VA National Yo-yo Day Meet!!! Canceled

Hey all of you Virginians and Marylanders. June 6th is National Yo-yo Day and to celebrate it we are having a barbeque at Kenmore Park in Fredericksburg, VA from 11am til we are done. There will be food and drinks and good times all around. Bring your yo-yoes and cameras and we will have a go of this. The rough plan is to meet up at 11 am and have food around 1pm. It is free to hang out and eat, we just want you here with us on OUR holiday. We may have a mini contest too. Depends on the interest. Facebook event is at Please RSVP either on facebook or email me at so we can plan how much food to get.

SWEET, hope i can make it …(its up to my fiance LOL ) i emailed you … from

Small change of plans for the place. Due to unpredictable weather we are moving to Alum Springs Park, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401, United States for the picnic. It is literally 5 minutes from Kenmore park so not much of a shift. It has a covered area in the event it rains, which should not be for a long period of time, and there are some cool video spots. Still going to be on Sunday from 11am til we pack it up. Hope to see folks there. Please email me at if you are planning on going.

Hey all, I wanted to put this out before it got to late in the morning but we are going to have to cancel our picnic. There is a 70% chance of thunderstorms during the entire picnic time and even with a covered area everything will get soaked. Sorry for those who planned to come, we will have to do something on a nicer day next time.