Frantic yoyo

I have been looking for somebody who wants to trade something for my Frantic! (Blue with Orange Splash Edition!)

The Frantic is by YoyoFactory, and is a FundaMETAL. The FundaMETAL series is a series from YoyoFactory that has Cheap metal yoyos, but are very good! Like I said before, my Frantic is Blue with Orange Splashes! Well, when you get this yoyo, you will be amazed! It looks Stunning in person! When you play with this yoyo, you will love it! It is really smooth, and looks great when you play with it! You can grind this in your hand, or on your arm for a great ammount of time! This yoyo sleeps for a Great ammount of time too! This yoyo may not look like it can do thumb grinds, But when you do a thumb grind with this yoyo, you will feel like you are in heaven! For trading, I am looking for any YoyoFactory Metal yoyo! (DV888, Hectic, Tactic, BOSS, Genesis, or any other Metal yoyo from YoyoFactory! My Favorite colors are Orange, Blue, and Green! And I also LOVE Splash edition yoyos!
If you have a YoyoFactory yoyo that you want to trade me for my Frantic, just send me a message on this site, or send me a message on Youtube! My UserName is: Wizardsox.

if you like it so much, why are you trading?

Are you still looking to get rid of this?